Master Curtis Smith's
Ultimate Force 2018
Martial Arts Championship

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Basic Info and Schedule

Ultimate Force Martial Arts Championship

140 Allequippa Street, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15213, United States




10:00 – Registration

11:15 – Judges’ for Breaking Competition

11:30 – Grappling

11:45 – Meeting for Black Belt Judges and Opening Ceremony

12:00 – All Eliminations Start

Awards will be given out for each division. Places 1st – 6th

Also, Awards will be given out to: 

“Most Supportive School” (Karate) 1st – 3rd place

“Overall Team Points” (Ju Jitsu) 1st – 3rd place

“Grand Champion” (Ju Jitsu)

“Grand Champion” (Karate-Total Points)